Early Bird

Looks like I’m back to my early mornings again, today I have been helping out a couple of friends with their kids so my opportunity to get on the treadmill and train evaporated. Fortunately its January and I’ve been in “fail to prepare and prepare to fail” mode so I had preempted this and carefully planned my day so I not only have been able to work around the looking after of 5 individual children at various times during the day, fit in time to cook, prepare and eat healthy, balanced and nutritionally dense meals, fit in my training run, cram in a double Zumba session AND I’ve even found time to sit down with a cuppa and write my blog for today!

Have I gone all Superchick on everyone’s backsides or what?

It started at around 5.45am when my first alarm went off – this was the one to remind me I have to get up in 45 minutes. Weird I know, but just how I roll as far as getting up goes. At 6.30am I actually got out of bed, got my gear on which was all neatly folded and ready for me downstairs, had a couple of swings of lucozade lite and headed out the door.

Still dark, raining a little and stupidly windy I managed to get just under 5 miles in – even if they were painfully slow. I’m still running carefully after new years day’s little mis-hap. Saying that, my average pace this morning was around 30 seconds a mile faster than the race – I had to laugh!

I really don’t appreciate early mornings, I mentioned earlier in my blog I am really nothing even close to a morning person, but I can cope with it every once in a while when needs must. Marathon training is serious now and I have no intention of missing a single training run if I can hep it. Injury is fair enough, a sensible reason to forgo a session, but claiming I don’t have the time to train is just not good enough – you’ll always find the time if it’s important enough to you.

Speaking of time however, my daughter is at dance class soon so I have to get her clothes sorted and the dishes don’t seem to be doing themselves so I guess that’ll be down to me too, so I’d better get off the PC pronto and let the madness continue!

Over and out…

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