2012 is here!

So here it is, the serious marathon training starts here and now!

No more mince-pie munching and sofa surfing while watching several non-offensive family orientated films in succession for me.

Todays plan was simply to run the New Years Day 10k – a race hosted by my club, Cleethorpes AC. Last year I ran it in 1 hour and 44 seconds – I was a bit miffed to not get under the hour but since then have completed several 10k races with an average time of around 54 – 55 minutes. I was confident that even if I completely coasted round this time I’d still get well under the hour.

Unfortunately though my husbands Granddad has been very unwell, the lovely nurses and the hospital don’t think he has much time left and we didn’t like the idea of him being alone on New years Eve so we both went and sat with him to ring in the new year. By the time we got home it was much later than my usual bedtime and I think I was rather more upset than I had anticipated and so didn’t sleep too well in the few hours I had the opportunity to do so.

Despite the tiredness however for the first couple of miles I was feeling really good. I was keeping the 9.10 / 9.30 minute mile pace I had set for myself easily and was even considering the possibility of upping the ante at the halfway mark if I still had it in me. It wasn’t so long back that in a 10k my aim would have been 8.40 minute miles but I was aware I was very tired. I’ve recently been rather poorly and over Christmas I’ve done far too much of nothing and way too much of  scoffing my way though everything in sight. Baring all that in mind 9.20 ish I felt was a reasonable ask.

At just gone mile 2 however I cobbled slightly in the smallest pothole you’d ever seen – how stupid! I was just behind my group at the time, they were all in “the zone” and none of them noticed as I fell back and I was gutted to watch them all steam off without me. I realised I hadn’t hurt myself so phew, but had thoughts of London and how my training is really getting serious now. If I attempted to keep up the pace I could injure myself and it’s just not worth it. Disappointed and angry I fell back even more and dropped back to around 11 minute miles. We train faster than that on beginners night runs so I did have to laugh to myself as I trundled along.

In the end I did beat a dog who was running his first 10k so score! (Although I suspect he let me come in ahead of him out of pity which I can cope with 🙂 )

In short I finished todays race in the worst ever time I’ve done a 10k ever (ever ever) – and that’s including the 10k’s I ran before I even joined the club. Now it’s been a few hours since the race finished though my ankle has become rather sore and it’s all got a bit limpy my end, so a bit of quality R.I.C.E is on the agenda for me for the rest of the day and fingers crossed it gets nipped in the bud.

Also, I ended up on the front page of the local newspaper yesterday in a big article about how I used to be the size of a whale blahdy blah blah and now I’m all “fit” and stuff lol – I’ve only died of embarrassment about 60 times since it was published so I don’t reckon that’s too bad. Theres a link here if you wanna read it: http://www.thisisgrimsby.co.uk/Marathon-challenge-woman-shed-stone/story-14287861-detail/story.html

I must say, judging by some of the comments – I think I’ve pulled hehe 😀

Hope everyone’s not too hung over – Happy New Year xxx

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